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Mini Vibrator

personal massager for $40

Good vibes only. Take pleasure into your own hands with our vibrating mini massager. Made with body-safe silicone and whisper quiet, it has 10 unique settings and a fully flexible head that contours to your body. Rechargeable, portable, and water resistant.

LOLA Pouch  +$9

Pack your essentials in this exclusive, sleek LOLA pouch. Great for travel or everyday use.

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How can I use this vibrator?

How can I use this vibrator?

There’s more than one way to find your groove. If you’re not sure how to get started, here are a few ways to use our vibrating mini massager.

  1. Place the head of the massager against your vulva. Slowly move it around to feel vibrations on your labia, clitoris, or wherever else you like being stimulated

  2. For a more diffused approach, use the rounded and flexible head to curve toward and contour your vulva. Move the massager up and down, or from side to side.

  3. It can also feel great on other parts of the body, like the neck, nipples, penis, and other pleasure zones. Take your time, and have fun exploring!

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